Felice S(non-registered)
Russ, you are SOOOO talented. Your website is a visual feast! I especially love the "flora portraits" - I've never seen anything quite like them!
Mos O(non-registered)
You are ridiculously talented. It was an absolute pleasure to get a visual tour of your thoughts.
Rupert G(non-registered)
Hey Russ, Excellent site! Impressive. -Rupert G.
Valerie Cooke(non-registered)
Here with Paul admiring your work.
Tazz Taz(non-registered)
cool web site!
Paul Kessel(non-registered)
A rising star.
Pat George(non-registered)
Each photograph is an entire story. Creative, sensitive, intuitive and visually interesting !!
Art is life and this is wonderful contemporary life. I am a decorator and a grouping of these on a wall would be so chic !
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